How it works for us

We wanted only the best. We are kinda picky about bed sheet ourselves. So we took everything we valued in a set of sheets - soft,  comfy and cool to sleep on, classic block colours -  and put it all in a bundle. 

We achieved this by using:

 natural long-staple cotton, the same kind of cotton that produces Egyptian and Supima

⦁ 80 and 60 yarn count threads, the finest available yarn count for bedding

⦁ the highest possible 400 thread count per square inch in a sateen weave 


 Our Approach - Direct to Consumer. We own the brand, we produce the sheets, we store them, and we send the sheets direct to you when you place an order. And if you write to us, we write back. It's not rocket science, really.  

Because we deal with you directly, we pay no brand license fees and we pay no concessionary charges or commissions to departmental stores. We decide how we want to market our products and interact with you. 

Since we don't need to share the revenue pie with anyone else, our prices are significantly lower and you get to enjoy the cost savings. We are quite confident our prices for pure cotton sheets are at least 20% lower than comparable online brands and a whole lot cheaper than the departmental store. And you have the assurance that every bit of the price tag is going to product quality instead of rent.

In addition, every aspect of the customer journey experience is handled by our own team from start to finish. So if you should encounter any issue with your purchase, just write to us. We would be more than happy to make things right.