Common Questions

What's the difference between cotton sheets and polyester sheets? Cotton is a fiber that is grown and harvested naturally. It produces sheets that are soft, durable and very breathable. Cotton sheets wick moisture and stay comfortably cool against the skin. 

Polyester sheets are made of synthetic fibers. It is not as absorbent and breathable, which causes polyester sheets to trap moisture and heat. This may cause irritation for people with sensitive skin. However, polyester sheets are generally very affordable and are great if you have a budget to stick to. 

Why are cotton sheets so expensive? Like all other products, sheet prices depend mostly on the quality of material and production cost.

Cotton is a natural fiber which is labour intensive to grow and harvest. Long-staple varieties of cotton (such as Egyptian cotton and Supima), which are used to produce high end cotton fabric, are also significantly more expensive than short-staple cotton. The density of the fabric, commonly referred to as thread count, also affects the price of the sheets. 

All of the above add to the retail price of cotton bed sheets. It is not uncommon to see high end cotton sheets priced above S$400 per set at departmental stores.  

Sheets from our Cotton Signature Series are made of 100% long-staple cotton fibers woven to 400 TC per square inch (equivalent to 600 TC per 10 cm square). We can keep our prices affordable because we produce our sheets and sell direct to consumers without any whole sale or distribution middlemen. We also have no retail landlord. These cost savings are passed on directly to you. Here's how we did it

How long can each set of sheets last? With proper care and under normal use circumstances, cotton sheets will easily last 2 years or more. 

What should I do to get the most out of my sheets? Cotton bed sheets are considerably more expensive than polyester sheets and should be cared for as such. In general, refrain from using harsh washing detergents (such as bleach) and drying with high heat - these methods damage the natural cotton fibers.

We also recommend that you keep 2 - 3 complete sets of sheets for each bed in the house. This allows your sheets to be rotated between use. The sheets get a break from use and will last longer that way. You also get fresh sheets every time.

Do take a moment and have a look at our care instructions

My sheets wrinkle after a wash, is that normal? Yes, this is normal. Sheets from the Cotton Signature series do not contain any synthetic polyester fibers and are made 100% from natural long-staple cotton fibers. The sheets are also not chemically treated for wrinkle-free properties. As such, the sheets will wrinkle after every wash, just like any fabric product made purely with cotton. 

However, if you are after that crisp clean look just like they do in the hotels, line drying in the sun or a gentle iron on low heat settings will smooth out most of the wrinkles. 

Do take a moment and have a look at our care instructions.   

Can I buy fitted sheets or quilt covers on their own? At the moment, we can't offer that. Our fitted sheets and quilt covers are bundled together as a complete set, together with two pillow covers. This allows us to offer an incredibly valued and fuss free solution to home starters or anyone picking up a new look for their bedroom. 

However, we are working as fast as we can to offer the option to purchase sheets, duvet covers, extra pillow cases and bolster covers separately.