About Us

About the team. We are a small but seasoned e-commerce crew. Our first e-commerce baby was born six years ago and is, thankfully, still trading today. 

Yuu, which means gentle and excellent in Japanese, is our second e-commerce baby and we hope to have as much fun growing it as we did our first.

Beginnings. We were inspired to explore a bed linen business from a prior experience purchasing bed sheets at a departmental store. At the store, we were faced with a whole lot of sheets labeled rather confusingly and we had no clue whether the sheets – for which we paid more than S$400 - were worth the sticker price. Sure, the sheets were great to sleep on but we never quite shook the feeling that we overpaid.  

From here on. Our proposition is straightforward – honest, quality sheets at a reasonable price, direct to consumers. No middleman. No confusing labels. No convoluted shipping and return policies. Whatever savings we derive from cutting out the middleman and landlord, we pass these straight on to you. 

Our aim is to produce quality, comfortable sheets and make them accessible to more people at a reasonable price. And we hope to always do so in a happy way. We value this above all else. 

Have a look around, give us a shout (hello@withyuu.com) if you need our help. And we hope you start each day fresh and rested.